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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Exegetical Theology

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Paul Bretscher

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John 19:35; Revelation 1:7; John 16:17; John 20:17; Daniel 7:13-14; John 5:25; Mark 1:15; John 3:5; John 11:24; John 1:14; John 5:21; John 3:17-21; John 4:46-54; John 5:1-15; John 5:24; John 2:13-17; John 5:20;


Our chief concern in this thesis will be to show by exegetical investigation that eschatological references in the Johannine Corpus bear witness to an apocalyptically conceived "eschaton," but include also such as may be designated as "realized," and that the distinction between these two must be maintained.

This paper proposes fundamentally to make a study of those passages in John's Gospel which have a bearing on the eschatological question and which demonstrate a distinct eschatological orientation and outlook both in the words of Jesus as recorded by John and in the thought of John himself.

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