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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Exegetical Theology

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Martin Scharlemann

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Hebrews 11:1; Hebrews 13:22; Hebrews 3:6; Hebrews 3:12; Hebrews 4:1, 11; Hebrews 4:6, 12; Hebrews 1:2; Hebrews 9:28; Hebrews 6:12-15; Hebrews 12:1, 7; Hebrews 10:36; Hebrews 6:1-2; Hebrews 12:5; Matthew 18:15; Luke 3:19; John 3:20; Hebrews 4:1-16;


The purpose of the writer, as he began this study, to determine upon the basis of 11:1 what the concept of faith according to Hebrews actually is. However, upon a study of the Epistle itself, we have come to the conclusion that this verse neither defines nor describes faith. Rather it sets forth the only way in which it is possible to have a firm foundation for hope. It makes the assertion that it is by faith that one can have a basis and foundation for eschatological blessings, and certainty in the unseen spiritual realm.

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