Date of Award


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Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div)


Practical Theology

First Advisor

Walter Buszin


The objective of this thesis has been to prepare a study of the origin and purpose of the various seasons of the festival half of the Church Year and to integrate the Propers for the Sundays, Festivals, and Ferial Days of the Festival Half of the Church Year for congregational use. This objective in itself has made it Impossible to follow much of the procedure usually required in the writing of a thesis for a degree of Bachelor of Divinity. For example, the literary style of the thesis is simple and popular, and there is a lack of direct quotations, other than those of the Propers. The purpose of the thesis has also made it advisable not to set off in separate paragraphs the longer quotations of the Propers. On the other hand, it has made it advisable to note the source of such quotations in the body of the thesis. Also since much of the material in this thesis, especially the integration of the Propers, is the result of personal study, it has been possible for the most part to document only the historical data cited.

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