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Exegetical Theology

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George Schick

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Perhaps some of the most neglected chapters in the Bible are those which give a concise description of the sanctuary. They are neglected by Bible readers and students alike. Many who read through the Exodus account find the subject matter lacking in excitement or too involved to give it a little thought. Even Bible students are inclined to read through this particular section in such haste that they remove every opportunity of giving the structure of the Sanctuary careful consideration. A study of the Sanctuary therefore should be a challange to every one who holds a claim on interest in the Bible.

Such a challenge has proved to be the cause for the present study and investigation. May the present presentation arouse new interests to study the Sanctuary. May the present discussion be a help in offering convincing solutions for many of the problems which do exist. Not every problem can be solved, but an opinion may be profitable in enriching an understanding of the Exodus account.

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