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The Feast of Theophany (January 6) in Bulgaria inspired me to create this cross with the glorified Christ on it. During this feast, the priest dipped his cross in the water to sanctify and bless the congregation. The priest's metal cross has a simple shape with only the figure of Christ. In this image, however, I wanted to depict the glorious Christ after His resurrection. I designed this cross to represent an abundant harvest, with Christ as the First Fruits. On each end of the cross, three passion flower-like images remind us of eyes. From the cross comes vines with grapes and wheat because Christ is the Vine and the Bread of Life. Christ in the middle wears a white tunic of purity and embraces all with open arms.

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Bible Study; Lecture; Sermon Prep

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Laity; Ministers; Scholars

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18" x 14", gold and metallic acrylics, swarovski crystals,